Nea Kavala


Each day brings new opportunities, new challenges and many, many new joys. We facilitate an assortment of projects within the camp, providing our volunteers the opportunity not only to help, but to engage with the community in many varying ways. 

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Volunteering on Lesvos


The situation on Lesvos is different than some of you might have experienced in 2015 and 2016 when it comes to arrivals. The number of people arriving to Lesvos is increasing in total, which is why boat spotting is crucial. Although, since the beginning of this year there have been several boats trying to get from Turkey to Greece. A lot of the boats get picked up by either the Greek or the Turkish coastguard, and then arrives at Lesvos with them or they get sent back to Turkey.


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”Det at vi engasjerte oss i Dråpen i Havet har også gjort noe positivt med søsterforholdet vårt. Vi har kommet enda nærmere hverandre ved å ha et felles engasjement” – Tone Jøssund

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