Press Release: A Drop in the Ocean brings The Norwegian Hospital Clowns to refugee camp in Greece.


Three professional clowns will join A Drop in the Ocean at Greek refugee camps close to the Macedonian border to spread joy among children and adolescents.


A Drop in the Ocean will, in co-operation with The Norwegian Hospital Clowns, send three representatives of the group to two refugee camps near the Macedonian border on May 19th. Travel and accommodation cost is covered by A Drop in the Ocean. The Norwegian aid organisation is already actively contributing to several refugee camps in Greece.

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We need volunteers!


From William Bendt, coordinator in Athens:

There are still somewhere roughly three thousand people staying in the port of Pireaus. Our Drop in the Ocean team here remains busy cooking food, maintaining the showers, distributing non-food items and tea as well as organising sports activities on a daily basis. We’re also glad to announce that as of yesterday we’ve set up a more welcoming space for our children’s activities. Every day we draw, skip ropes and play games with the little ones in the camp whom otherwise face long, hot days of boredom and naturally find it hard to contain their energy.

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Update from the refugee camp at Piraeus Port – Athens


Since the borders closed a couple of months ago the port of Pireaus has turned into an unofficial refugee camp. The port is now gradually being evacuated but it is a slow process. Buses take people to camps in the vicinity of Athens every week but there are still well over 3000 people living in tents and occupied passenger terminals along two of the gates. During the past two months our team has been distributing non-food items and tea as well as providing shelter and children’s activities to the communities stuck in limbo here.

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