Al jazeera reports from Souda camp on Chios.

Recently Al jazeera made a visit to Chios and the camp Souda where A drop in the Ocean volunteers contribute with distribution of food three times a day. This reportage gives a good impression of how conditions in the camp are right now, and the interview with our Syrian friend Wassim Omar says a lot about the hopeless situation for the residents. Every day is a new day without answers, without dignity and without plans for tomorrow. He explains it, like many others in the same situation, “everyday you die many times”.





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Help us to help!

Mother and child priority in the refugee camps. Reporting from Skaramagas:

A huge number of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq arrived by boat to the Greek islands last year. And they still arrive. An important part of the refugees are mothers and children. A year ago, when they arrived on the shores of the Greek coast, few of them imagined that, one year later, they are still stranded in Greece! Therefore “a Drop in the Ocean” wish to establish different activities and services for mother and child in the camps. We need financial support to realise these plans.

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We need more volunteers!

Are you considering volunteering for “Dråpen i Havet? Act now! -We need more hands to help in the refugeecamps. A lot of people are in need of assistance, says Janne Hegna and Ina Søhus coordinators on Chios. 

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