Help us! We are cold!

Lately the cold has come to Northern Greece. Last night residents in the camp made a big fire to stay warm. They burnt old tents, clothes and anything else they could find. We need 1100 pairs of winter boots for adults and 400 pairs for children in this area. And it`s urgent. Kids still walk around in their sandals. Can you help?

Shipping address is: A Drop in the Ocean / Nikos Argiropoulos, Thessalonikis 43, 61400 Axioupolis, Greece

Have a look at this video made by our team in Northern Greece.


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In the Drop in the Ocean we have people with different backgrounds and experience who are volunteers. Check out why Tom is a volunteer with us at this video made by Stein Syrstad

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Men as volunteers in Drop in the Ocean – more men should volunteer.


Around two thousand volunteers have travelled with the Drop in the Ocean since the beginning of the refugee crisis. The majority of the volunteers are women. However, there is no restriction for men to be a volunteer.

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Glimpse of a life – Syrian refugees in Greece

Summary of the article Glimpse of a life; Syrian refugees in Greece posted in EL PAIS 5th October 2016 by Gloria Rodríguez-Pina.

The life in a Greek refugee camp seems to be a sociological experiment where the inhabitants` mental and physical health is being put at stake in a kind of obscene game. The days are floating into weeks and months in slow motion. With the time passing by, the hope of a better life evaporates into the sky.

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Volunteer Nicolas Lozano-Landinez reports from Skaramangas Refugee Camp

Nicolas Lozano-Landinez, volunteer for Drop in the Ocean, shares his experiences as volunteer in Skaramangas refugee camp in Greece. From July to September, he volunteered at the Skaramangas Refugee Camp. This is a state-sanctioned camp 30 minutes west of Athens that provides shelter for refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, and Pakistan.

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