“Dråpen”- photo exhibition and auction – Monday 5th of December. Where: Bølgen og Moi Briskeby

Dråpen i Havet is hosting a photo exhibition. In collaboration with photographer Knut Bry, 37 art works by well-known Norwegian photographers and artists have been gathered. These works will be presented Monday 5th of December and will allow the visitors to bid for their favourite piece to support our voluntary work.

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A Drop in the Ocean guests at the Lindmo Show

Tonight, A Drop in the Ocean, represented by secretary general Trude Jacobsen will be guest at the Lindmo show. In the audience several representatives from the organisation will be present. 

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The Nea Kavala Dropshop market is now open!

Yesterday was the first day of distribution from our market in the Nea Kavala camp in Northern Greece. For four weeks clever craftsmen from The Timber Project have worked hard with the construction, supported by Help Refugees. Finally the big day was here!

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Don`t think any longer – become a member!

Did you know that the “ Dråpen i Havet” is an organisation based on membership?

As a member you help us building up the organisation in order to establish a solid presence in the camps where we work. You contribute to help us assisting people fleeing war. We need you now! More members makes us become more powerful and visible towards governmental institutions and partners, to better show what we do and what we represent.

Financial prediction and general management of the organisation, is a must to maintain the work that we effectuate. As a member, you help us to plan a little further and reaching more.




Together we are stronger! 

”Dråpen i Havet” is a NGO based on collaboration on all levels. More than 2200 volunteers have travelled to Greece with us the last 15 months. Moreover, the administrative part is based mostly on volunteering as well. We have only 1,5 remunerated employees and we do not pay any office rent or warehouse in our hub in Norway. We are approved by the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising, which gives our donators the best warrantee that their contribution is being used for the purpose.


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Now it`s easier than ever to become a member! You can registrer and pay 100 NOK per month (approx. 12 euros) directly through PayPal. If you have a Norwegian mobile subscription you can even pay with sms. Register here and become a Drop!

Are you aware that: 

* 60.000 refugees are living in camps in Greece, lacking most of daily necessities. They need our help!

* Approximately 60% are women and children!

* Refugees are still arriving by boats from Turkey!

* As a humanitarian worker in ”Dråpen i Havet” we work close to the refugees, directly in the camps and know what they need.

* We need a lot of DROPS! In order to become an OCEAN!

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Violent attack against refugees on Chios.

It`s about time Europe wakes up and acts upon this inhumane abuse of innocent people.

Last night, around 22:10 local time, we received the reports of attacks on the refugee camp Souda in Chios, where A Drop in the Ocean has been working since it opened.

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