From stage to reality – an interview with Portuguese actress Sofia Lobo.

Sofia is a professional actress, who works for Escola de Noite (The school of the night) in Coimbra, central Portugal. The Theatre celebrates 25 years this year and they have set up 65 productions in total. Sofia has performed in almost 50 of them, and has also worked as a director for three plays.

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The time for goodbye has come

September 2015 we sent our first team to Chios to assist the refugees as they arrived the shores of the island. Our volunteers patrolled the shores day and night and provided a safe and warm welcome for the people fleeing wars and conflicts.

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An Update on the Situation on Chios

We receive many questions regarding the situation on Chios.

Greek authorities have decided to close down Souda refugee camp and move remaining residents to Vial refugee camp around eight kilometres from Chios Town. A Drop in the Ocean is currently working in Souda, and we are therefore forced to rethink our operation on Chios.

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First Drop Academy held on Lesvos

Birgit Hjelmtvedt surrounded by participants at the Drop Acedemy. From the left: Carlos Moreno, Kinga Garrido, Signe Korntved, Andreia Cardoso, Jessica Timmins, Bjørnar Larsen, Swapnil Mindhe, Jeppe Robert Lautsten, Joanna Rich, Nanna Falk. Photo: Knut Bry, Tinagent. 

The second week of September, A Drop in the Ocean held its first Drop Academy in a peaceful environment on the island of Lesvos. The Academy, a leadership training developed by HR- and Emergency Manager Birgit Hjelmtvedt, aims to maintain and strengthen a common understanding of our mission, values, ethics, objectives, tools and guidelines.

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