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A Drop in the Ocean is nominated to the award Social Entrepreneur of the year 2017!

Late September we were invited to the premises of Ferd SE to present A Drop in the Ocean in front of an international jury. There were many applicants and we were proud to show some of the great work being done by so many of our volunteers fro refugees in Greece.  

During the presentation and the following interview we wanted to let the jury understand the way we work and how the flexibility of our organization is our strength, in a rather bureaucratic environment. We wanted to show how more than 4000 volunteers from more than 45 countries have contributed to make us an important actor in several refugee camps in Greece. We also wanted to highlight how the needs of the refugees set the standards for our activities and help us prioritizing our activities. And of course, showing how we went from distributing through endless queues of people, to dignified distributions from Drop Shops, was important.

Watch the film from Skaramangas Drop Shop here!

We are incredible proud to be one of five finalists to this award. Being nominated gives us new inspiration and is a great recognition to all those who have contributed both in the field work and the administration.




The Social Entrepreneur of the year award is given out every year by Ferd Sosiale Entreprenører. The award is given to a company or organization with a particular good concept and potensial to solve social challenges in the community, in Norway or in Europe. Ferd is a family owned investment company, who also has a great focus and engagement to social challenges and solutions through social entrepreneur programs. Ferd is owned by Johan H. Andresen and family.

See all the nominees here!

The winner of the award Social Entrepreneur 2017 will be announced at the EVPA-conference in Oslo November 9th. It is the first time this conference will be held in Norway and this conference is the most important European meeting place for investors with ambitions of contributing to social impact and sustainability. The conference is fully booked with 500 participants from all over Europe. 





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