A Drop in the Ocean resume our operation in Nea Kavala Refugee Camp

This summer A Drop in the Ocean suspended our operation in the refugee camp Nea Kavala, Northern Greece due to ongoing safety concerns. Over the summer we have worked closely with the authorities and other present NGOs to try to address the safety issues.Although any camp environment will always have risks, we could at this stage not ignore the increased needs after the recent transfer of 1000 residents from Moria refugee camp, Lesvos to Nea Kavala. The camp is now home to around 2000 people living in difficult conditions. After a thorough risk assessment and because of the mentioned increase in people needing our services, we have decided that during October, we will restart our operation in the camp.

barn som løper mellom brakkebygninger

As the camp has changed drastically, our operation is not going to be the same as previously. We will change to adjust to the different requirements of a larger population, but we still expect to focus on providing much needed services to improve the quality of life.

Our new coordination team is onsite now, working to understand the biggest needs and making plans for the set-up of our new operation. To be able to start our operation, we need volunteers to join our team from the middle of October. The requirements for being considered and accepted as volunteer, one must be above the age of 25 and able to commit for at least 3 weeks. Anyone with previous experience of volunteering in refugee camps, and working with vulnerable communities is particularly encouraged to register as volunteer. More information about registering and how to sign up as a volunteer field worker here.

We would like to thank the residents of Nea Kavala for their patience and understanding, we have missed you and we are looking forward to seeing you again very soon!

For questions about our operation in Nea Kavala:

  • For all volunteer enquiries: volunteer@drapenihavet.no
  • For all press enquiries: press@drapenihavet.no
  • For all other enquiries: post@drapenihavet.no