A place to relax and learn in Nea Kavala

Some play chess, others do different forms of handicrafts, work out or learn Greek. At our new Drop Centre in the refugee camp Nea Kavala we arrange different activities for every age. The centre, renovated by our volunteer field workers and camp residents, are now filled with laughter and good conversations.

Håndarbeidsaktiviteter i Nea Kavala
Foto: Dråpen i Havet

Nea Kavala refugee camp has around 750 residents. Almost half of the population are from Afghanistan, and 40 percent of them are children. Many of them have been relocated from the islands and now live in tiny isoboxes or tents unfit for winter.

Our Drop Centre used to be a Drop Shop for distribution of clothes. However, the needs in the camp changed, so we decided to renovate the building and make it into a community centre and an informal educational facility. After many hours of work, the centre was finished in December 2019.

The centre is now filled with people and activities, and has become a place where camp residents can relax and feel like they are a part of a community. They can learn Greek, computer skills, sports or handicrafts. Children can play, draw and watch movies. In the maker space one can learn how to fix furniture or build new ones.

In only two months, the Drop Centre already became an essential social arena where one can meet for coffee, tea and a chat when needed.

Perhaps you would like to join us in Nea Kavala as a volunteer fieldworker?

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