Who are we?

A Drop in the Ocean’s headquarters are situated in Oslo, but several of our employees are stationed in Greece. We have a number of coordinators and volunteer field workers at all of our locations. In Norway, we have volunteer administration staff and regional coordinators in various parts of the country. The board is the governning body of the organisation.

Our team at the headquarters in Oslo

Trude Jacobsen

Secretary General

Despina F. Johansen

Director of Operations

Cicilie Bråten-Lindblad

Project coordinator

Mona R. Holtet

HR Advisor

Fundraiser Corporate Partnerships

Maria Sagen Vodentsis

Communications Coordinator, social media,web and content

Jon Frydenborg

Fundraiser Private Donors

Sofie Grøntvedt Railo

Recruitment coordinator for Poland

Our team in Greece

Jean-Baptiste Metz

Head of Programmes and Head of Operations Greece

Fania Zouni

Head of Finance Stagona

Michaela Zervidou

HR Coordinator

Lisa Koniordou

HR Coordinator

Angelika Sogn Koutsofotinos

Legal representative Greece

Anna-Alkinoi Miliopoulou

Communications Coordinator Greece

Our team Ukraina HUB- Skøyen

  • Project Manager- Thomas
  • Project Coordinator-Daria
  • Project Coordinator-Nina
  • Project Coordinator- Merete

Coordinators in Greece


  • Site Coordinator – Silvia
  • Logistics Coordinator – Cintia
  • Education Coordinator – Sofia

Northern Greece

  • Site Coordinator – Jonathan
  • Project Coordinator – Keelin
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Salome


  • Site Coordinator – Vasiliki
  • Project Coordinator – Magnus
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Tommaso Colombo

Our team in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sumeja Kladanjčić

Country Office Administrative Assistant

Coordinators Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Site/Logistics Coordinator – Quentin
  • Volunteer/Project Coordinator – Améthyste

Coordinators in Poland

  • Site Coordinator – Michalina
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Aaron
  • Logistics Coordinator –  Francesca

Regional Coordinators

  • Thomas Stornes, Telemark
  • Marith Søderholm Øien, Troms og Finnmark
  • Grete Dagsvik, Agder
  • Kathrine Dørum Middelthon, Rogaland
  • Gunn Skinlo, Vestland
  • Arne Martin Thingnes, Oslo/Viken (Buskerud)
  • Anita Ingebretsen, Oslo/Viken (Buskerud)
  • Siv Grøteide, Møre og Romsdal
  • Tone Jøssund, Trøndelag 
  • Silje Distad Stelander, Oslo/Viken
  • Ingvild Gundersen, Oslo/Viken
  • Roar Pedersen, Innlandet
  • Cecilie Holm-Johnsen, Oslo/Viken


  • Flavia Forster, Chair
  • Trude Jacobsen, Board Member
  • Karin Andersen, Board Member
  • Anders Horn, Board Member
  • Emilie Christoffersen, Board Member
  • Svein Evjen Olsen, Board Member

Election Committee

  • Bente Helenesdatter Pettersen
  • Stein Erik Syrstad