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An Update from the Drop-in Centre in Athens

A Drop in the Ocean´s Drop-in Centre in Athens has now been open for almost three months. During this period, the Centre has helped asylum seekers that have been given relocation to Norway to take their first steps into the Norwegian language and culture. The Centre has been visited frequently, and many have appreciated its presence.

All asylum seekers given relocation to Norway have now left Greece, and the Centre has therefore taken on new tasks. Around 1600 asylum seekers are planned to be relocated to Sweden, and these will be given an opportunity to embrace the Swedish language and culture.

We are in need of Swedish volunteers for the Centre, preferably with an educational background and/or background from social work. Read more here.

Myrtillo Café is closed for the summer, and the Drop-in Centre has therefore moved to the premises of Organization Earth. As of now, asylum seekers bound for Sweden will receive training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are working on setting up a scheme for asylum seekers who have been given relocation to other countries.

Do you want to know more about the Drop-in Centre? Check out this video:

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