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An Update from the Drop Market and Warehouse in Athens

The end of July was a busy couple of weeks for the Warehouse and Distribution Market in Skaramagas. Here are some of the stories:

Bill and shelves
Many different people volunteer with A Drop in the Ocean. Some are teachers, students, fashion designers and some are construction workers! When Bill Borra decided to volunteer with his daughter Amie, it couldn’t have been at a better time.

Our container where we store clothes for the Drop Market needed an interior upgrade. Piles of cardboard boxes, looking scruffier everyday.

A weeks work later the shelves are up, thanks to Bill who teamed up with Ahmed, a resident here in Skaramagas. We want to extend a big thank you for the craftmanship and dedicated work. Ofcourse this wouldn’t have been possible without the funds donated by Hyan Park and Sarah Yan of together 800 euros. We are forever grateful!

We received visitors all the way from Thessaloniki. Christina and Daniel from Truckshop drove 7 hours to bring us 14 pallets of winter clothes. The next day they drove all the way back. Thanks for the delivery! Truckshop have been running a mobile clothes distribution in Northern Greece. They are now focusing their attention in Serbia – we wish you all the best of luck!

We also received visit from a previous volunteer. Mayte volunteered with us in April, and when she came back to Skaramagas, it was with a slightly heavier suitcase. She has spent the last couple of months gathering donations from a local school and businesses. A stunning total of 700 kg! It goes without saying that this is an amazing effort.

Here’s what she writes:

– More than 720kg of clothes and shoes were collected, around 3,900 items for babies, kids, girls and boys, women and men. A total of 24 boxes which arrived on July, 28th and 31st to Egaleo Warehouse.

– Special Thanks to Colegio Jesús, in Barajas, Madrid, for running a campaign and ask 600 students to bring clothes for Skaramagas. Elena shared the Drop Market initiative with the school director, the sister Ana María Furlany, and around 400 kg. of clothes were collected.

– The Headhunting firm Lauté Consulting got the funds for the shipment. Thanks to Teresa and all the supporters also for managing with the shoes brand Gioseppo the donation of more than 250 pairs of new shoes for Skaramagas residents.

– We would like to thank all people involved, who also involved their families and friends and brought all their generosity to Skaramagas.

Mayte is a patient and resourceful woman and is already making plans for Christmas. We are looking very much forward to it!

By Johan Anthony George Kringlen


  1. REPLY
    Mel says

    As always – great team work!!

  2. REPLY
    John Slade says

    I love the Drops. You great people give us all hope, while we watch the rest of the world falling to pieces. Thank you, thank you.

  3. REPLY
    Teresa P. says

    Your work and dedication is an example for all of us. I wish be capable to do something so big !!! Congratulations! You are amazing. Thank you for your effort, love and hearth!

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