Annual Report 2016

The year 2016 started like last year ended. Several thousand people fleeing from war and with need for safety arrived at the Greek islands. Here, our volunteers were patrolling day and night in the areas which had the most arrivals.

A Drop in the Ocean assisted refugees on Lesvos and Chios, and also Kos and Samos for shorter periods earlier in the year. We witnessed several shipwrecks and many deaths in the Aegean Sea.

Dedicated long-term coordinators in camps led the work together with volunteers from the administration in Oslo. This approach led to establish good routines for structured interventions.

A sense of xenophobia grew in Europe, and several countries secured their borders making it almost impossible for refugees to travel beyond Greece. In February the chances of crossing the border between Greece and The Republic of Macedonia became even slimmer. Suddenly everyone, regardless of need, was prevented from passing. The area surrounding the border developed into an unofficial refugee camp consisting of 18,000 people who hoped Europe would reach out a helping hand.

A Drop in the Ocean arrived at this area as one of the first aid organisations. On a daily basis, we distributed clothes, shoes, hygiene products and blankets, via a caravan.

Read and download our annual report from 2017 including the report from the board of Directors here.