Annual Report 2019

In 2019 we strengthened our work for unaccompanied minors, established activities on Samos, and recruited more volunteer field workers with expertise in specific areas. Thanks to increased funds, we were able to make more long-term plans.

Last year almost 74 000 people forced to flee arrived in Greece. The humanitarian situation in the refugee camps has deteriorated throughout the year. We have seen how local communities in Greece are divided in their view on the refugee situation, and how the Greek government disagree on solutions and measures. European countries must increase their contributions.  Meanwhile, A Drop in the Ocean continues to contribute to dignity for displaced persons, living on Lesvos, Samos, in Skaramagas (Athens) and Nea Kavala (Northern-Greece).

During the year, we reshaped our activities in the direction of more psychosocial activities such as informal education and recreational activities. For instance, we initiated activities for unaccompanied minors in Moria Camp on Lesvos, and we built a new Drop Centre in Nea Kavala. At the end of the year we opened a teenage space in Skaramagas. We also expanded our work to Samos, opening an activity center for kids and adults. We continued our work with distributions and our Drop Shops.

In 2019 over 650 field workers from 38 countries have contributed in the field. Launching new activities and projects resulted in the need of field workers with expertise in specific areas and who could commit for a longer period of time. For instance, we recruited health workers to Moria, craftsmen, teachers, and yoga instructors. We also launched a new online training, Drop Field Training, which has increased the competency among our volunteers.

Thanks to our private donors, we increased our revenues with 66 percent. We are grateful for every contribution, both regular donations, individual contributions and fundraising through social media.

With increased revenues, we were able to make more long-term plans. We strengthened our administration at the head office, and compensated coordinators working in the field so they could be present for a longer period of time, contributing to increased continuity in our activities.

At the head office and in other parts of Norway, volunteers and collaborators have shown an enormous will to support the organisation. We are very grateful for this. With increased funds and the development of new activities in the field, and with strengthened competency and continuity, we continue our work to support people forced to flee – together.

Read and download our annual report from 2019 including the report from the board of Directors here.