We are currently interested in recieving applications from candidates to various coordinator assignments. For more information about the various roles here.  If you are interested in contributing on volunteer basis in Norway, kindly send your inquiry to

Logistics Coordinator Nea Kavala 

We are currently seeking Logistics Coordinators to our operation in Nea Kavala refugee camp, Northern Greece. You have to able to start no later than 1 August after one week of quarantine and should commit for at least 4 months.

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for A Drop in the Ocean´s overall logistics at the location, including sourcing and distribution activities.


  • Keeping an overview of needs for supply, and make sure we at all times have what is needed at the location.
  • Call for necessary donations and finding suppliers
  • Receive donations (unpacking, sorting, labeling, packing)
  • Meeting and training of field workers
  • Maintenance of security and cleanliness where our supplies are kept
  • for vegetables, clothes, fabric and other items for distritution


  • Experience within logistics such as supply chain management as well as warehouse management
  • Experience in or knowledge of donation procurement
  • Good knowledge of database/spreadsheet management and maintenance
  • Service minded, good communication skills and experience with problem solving
  • Fluent in English, preferable with knowledge of Greek
  • Project management and team leading skills
  • Experience from humanitarian work, primarily from areas in crisis is valuable.
  • Valid international driver’s license

For information regarding requirements and benefits for Coordinators, take a look further down on this page. 

If you have the preferred background, and are interested and able to start volunteer assignment 1 August, we would like to receive your letter of motivation and your CV today marked “Logistics Coordinator” to


Site Coordinator Skaramagas

Because the Covid-19 situation made us withdraw from our locations with many international field workers in March, we have been present with a small team of coordinators on the Greek mainland. We are now in the process of adapting our operations in this new context to continue supporting displaced people stuck in Greece, and are seeking qualified site coordinator for our operation in Athens with start no later than 1 August. Our site coordinators reports to our Operations Coordinator Greece based in Greece.


Our Site Coordinators are responsible for A Drop in the Ocean´s overall activities at the location. This include managing volunteer staff, logistics, finances, overseeing projects and activities inside and outside of refugee camps. The site coordinators will also be responsible for risk assessments and needs assessments related to re-entry, new projects and activities.


  • Training, mentoring and 1:1 supervision of present coordinators
  • Weekly team meetings with coordinators
  • Exit conversation with leaving coordinators and volunteers
  • Responsible for the establishment and implementation of actions plans
  • Weekly reports to Head Quarter in Norway and in Greece
  • Keeping the financial situation at location in line with budget
  • On behalf of the organisation, take part in meetings under the direction of UNHCR/military/camp management/donors/other NGOs etc
  • Maintain an overview of available property, equipment and donations belonging to the organisation
  • Through activities on social media, contribute to knowledge regarding the organisation´s work at the location
  • In charge of preparedness, safety of staff and HSE at the location


  • University education
  • Experienced leader with excellent references from running and being in charge of operations within the humanitarian sector in Greece working with displaced people inside and near refugee camps.
  • Good leadership skills and experience from working with multicultural teams
  • Service minded, good communication skills and experienced with problem solving
  • Fluent in English, preferable knowledge of Greek, Farsi and/or Arabic
  • Experienced within project management
  • Criminal record check is required

All site coordinators with A Drop in the Ocean contribute on volunteer basis, and are travelling on their own responsibility, and must be able to contribute for at least 6 months.  A Drop in the Ocean covers travel expenses, telephone, rental car and housing. A valid international driver’s license is necessary to be considered as a site coordinator. The organisation covers personal expenses up to €400 on a monthly basis the first five months. From the 6th month of the assignment, €500 will be reimbursed.

If you have the right qualifications, are interested in being considered as one of our next site coordinators, we would like to receive your letter of motivation including your CV as soon as possible marked “Site Coordinator Skaramagas” to  Kindly also state for how long you are available to volunteer, and for what date you are able to start. If you live outside Greece, please take into consideration you may have to be self-quarantined for 14 days in Greece before you can start your assignment.


Project Coordinator and Logistics Coordinator

We have available assignments as Project Coordinator and Logistics Coordinator at our different locations. For applying on general terms, CV and letter of motivation should be sent to Also let us know when you would be available a potential volunteer coordinator assignment.

More information about our coordinator roles here.


Coordinator Mentor/Counsellor

The Coordinator Mentor/Counsellor is responsible for biweekly 1:1 follow up on Coordinators in Greece through Skype. We have at all times approximately 15 Coordinators based in Greece that receive this kind of support from the organisation.

Among the focus areas when being mentor will be Coordinators´ mental and physical health, their well-being, self-care and challenges as field workers. Furthermore time management, prioritization and personal challenges and development are important areas for the follow-up conversations. Background as a psychologist or other healthcare/mentoring roles can be relevant for this volunteer role.

For being considered to this volunteer role, one has to have the following qualifications:

  • Experienced / certified coach
  • Good interpersonal skills and an excellent listener
  • Service minded
  • Experience with problem solving and advising in challenging situations
  • Fluent in English
  • Having been field worker with A Drop in the Ocean is an advantage.

Forward your CV and describe your experiences as Coach/Mentor to as soon as possible.


We are looking for therapists who have the opportunity to assist from their home as volunteers in the case of debrief conversations with our field workers, either by acute need or after returning from field work. The conversations are held on Skype and it is a prerequisite that you speak English fluently. We believe the following background is relevant for such assignments: police / fire department / paramedic or psychologist / psychiatrist / therapist. It is an advantage with experience from debriefing, crisis situation and meeting with people who are traumatized, burned out or have experienced a very demanding situation.

Kindly send information about yourself, your background and your motivation for such an assignment to and mark the inquiry “Therapist”.