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A Drop in the Ocean works to improve the lives of people fleeing war and persecution. Our support goes directly to displaced persons, and our field workers make a difference – every day.

Why should you become a field worker?  

More than 120 000 people on the move live in Greece, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  Boats filled with people fleeing war and terror continue to arrive on the islands. Leaving the life they knew behind, families wait for years to have their asylum application processed.  As a volunteer field worker, you can make a difference. Your work will contribute to give people dignity and meaning in a daily life filled with uncertainty. 

In the field, you will meet people in challenging situations and their stories may be hard to hear. Being able to contribute feels valuable. Several of our previous voluntary field workers say they have gained a new perspective of the world – and changed their attitudes, priorities and ambitions.   

Our report on the ripple effects of volunteer field work (Ringvirkninger av frivillig feltarbeid) shows that many volunteer field workers have changed or reinforced their humanitarian and political engagement. They inspire and influence the people around them through disseminations and participation in political debates.   

Become a field worker in Greece

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Our work

A Drop in the Ocean organises various distributions and activities in and around refugee camps. Our programs are developed to contribute to learning, empowerment and socialisation, in addition to making the everyday life of refugees more meaningful. Amongst our activities are language courses, activities for children, and sewing classes. Additionally, we facilitate laundry services and spaces for social interaction. By organising meaningful activities for camp residents, we aim to strengthen the resident’s psychosocial health while living in refugee camps and in the time thereafter.  

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