Working as an intern with A Drop in the Ocean is a great way to gain experience and learn more about humanitarian work.

tre kvinner som studerer i klasserom

Who can become an intern?

Our interns have a burning desire to support displaced persons. You can become an intern if you are involved in a Bachelor or Master Program, and if your university recognizes one of the following four programs relevant for your internship. You must also be more than 21 years old and comply with our requirements which are listed below. Depending on the needs of the different locations, we request various internship involvement. 

  • Be 21 years old or older 
  • Commit for at least 8 weeks
  • Provide us with a criminal record certificate 
  • Send us proof of insurance and the name and number of insurance provider 
  • Provide us with a copy of your passport 
  • Send us your CV and the contact details of two references 
  • Complete our online training 
  • Accept and follow our guidelines 
  • Be prepared for long and unpredictable, but also interesting and meaningful days in the field 
  • We strongly encourage all field workers to register as a member of the organization by becoming a regular donor. Then you help to provide predictability in our work. You can register here.

Important information

It is important to us that you have a meaningful stay that corresponds with your expectations. All potential interns will be interviewed by our operations coordinators. We also require that you provide us with two personal references we can contact. In this way, we ensure that every involved party has a good experience.  

We use our funds where it is mostly needed and require that our field workers cover all costs related to their assignment. A Drop in the Ocean is not responsible for assistance on financial matters, but it is possible to get reimbursement for all interns. You can apply for reimbursement limited to 250 EUR per month for personal costs such as accommodation, rental car, and transport, with a maximum of five receipts for each month. Reimbursement is available if you participate for eight weeks or longer.

Programs description

Our Non-Formal Education program objectives are to support migrant’s educational development and promote employability and integration in the Greek society, support in accessing formal education when possible and build capacity of beneficiaries, most notably the resident volunteers.

Our Integration Support program’s objectives are to support beneficiaries’ integration and professional development, by giving them access to resources, support, and trainings to access employment and integrate in Greek society. 

Our Humanitarian Aid Program’s objectives is to promote food security and provide items that contributes to the beneficiaries’ health and wellbeing. The focus is to provide NFIs and services necessary to good hygiene and health conditions, when financial access is challenging, and NFIs necessary to face harsh living conditions such as clothing and winter items. 

Our Community Empowerment Mobilization’s program’s objective is to promote cohesion among ethnic groups and contribute to a sense of community. Through PSS activities, we promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing for children and adults with life skills training and mentoring support. We interact with families and communities with a view to improving status of women and girls and emphasizing the role of communities.