Who can become a coordinator?

If you seek experience in administration and management, being a coordinator for A Drop in the Ocean might be for you. The coordinator’s main responsibility is to ensure that our daily operations on each location run smoothly. You can apply to become a coordinator if you are at least 25 years old and comply with our requirements listed below.

en kvinne i gul vest som bærer en kasse med spill

Being a coordinator with A Drop in the Ocean is exciting and challenging and will give you an array of interesting tasks to resolve. As a coordinator, you will lead a team of volunteer field workers achieving sustainable results within your field of responsibility. Every coordinator role has different areas of responsibility ranging from volunteering, distribution of food and clothing, and planning and reporting from various projects.  

“The overall atmosphere in Drop, is that everyone has a voice. Starting with the Secretary General moving down to the coordinators and the team leaders. We always have the opportunity and the right channels to express our opinions and share our recommendations”.

Giulia, former Site Coordinator Skaramagas and Project Coordinator Greece
Photo: A Drop in the Ocean

Our various coordinator roles 

Field Coordinator 

Our Field coordinator is responsible for finances and administration and are A Drop in the Ocean’s official representative at the location. Our site coordinator is also the nearest leader on site and responsible for following up the other coordinators. 

Logistics Coordinator 

Our logistics coordinator is responsible for A Drop in the Ocean’s supply chain, including distributions of food and clothes, and the running and maintenance of warehouse and Drop Shop. The logistics coordinator also handles calls for and reception of donations to the location. 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Our volunteer coordinator is responsible for the administration and management of volunteer field workers in and outside of the refugee camps we work in. This includes induction, training and follow up on volunteers. 

Project Coordinator 

Our project coordinator is responsible for operating and reporting from our projects and activities at the location.  

All our coordinators represent A Drop in the Ocean at the locations and cooperate with other NGOs, UN-bodies, and local authorities. 

To work as a coordinator, you must: 

  • Be 25 years old or older 
  • Commit for at least four months (as a Site Coordinator you must commit for at least six months) 
  • Be fluent in English. Knowledge of Greek is advantageous 
  • Travel at your own responsibility 
  • Document a valid travel insurance (inclusive of health insurance) 
  • Provide the organisation with a criminal record certificate as well as having a valid international driving licence 
  • Provide at least two references from previous work experience 

Do you want to become a coordinator?

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