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At this moment, there are more than 85.000 people with their life on hold in Greece. There are still people fleeing from war and persecution, and who arrive in boats every day. Contribute to give these people dignity and purpose in a life full of hopelessness and fear of what the future holds. Your contribution can make a difference. Register to volunteer, today.

Fieldworkers in Skaramagas Refugee Camp

My experiences as a field worker 

You can register as a field worker if:

  • You have a genuin wish to contribute to change for people fleeing war and persecution.
  • You are at least 25 years of age.
  • You can stay for a minimum of ten days.
  • You can provide a valid police certificate.
  • You are prepared to work long hours and for the unpredictable nature of our work.

We do also accept CV and applications from people between the ages of 23-25, given that you have relevant background/experience). Prior to a potential departure, you must go through an interview.


Did you know:

85 000 refugees in Greece
60 % are women and children
50.511 arrived in Greece during 2018

An Insight from our work in Nea Kavala

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