Turid Lilleheie: New Chairperson in A Drop in the Ocean

“We have already achieved a lot and been an important actor for people fleeing their homes. Nevertheless, the future is ahead of us, and new, strategic and important choices needs to be dealt with. It is exciting to get the possibility to work with creative, ideological people who both can and wants to make a difference” – Turid Lilleheie, newly elected Chairperson

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Eid Festival: Celebrating Eid in Nea Kavala

Being able to host an Eid celebration for the residents of Nea Kavala allowed our residents to relax, socialize, enjoy food from their own and other cultures, and dance the evening away. Muslim and non-Muslims alike gathered to celebrate the end of the Ramadan, showing us that even in difficult times, we can cross language and cultural barriers to create something amazing that can be enjoyed by all.

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Sofie Frost: – I want to use art to express things my own way

On racism, the refugee crisis and the art of expressing oneself

“The refugee crisis triggered the text that I presented in the final at Norwegian Talents. The racism flourished and became visible to those who do not experience it in daily lifte. Because it is there all the time. It’s only we that do not see it because we do not experience it”. – Sofie Frost

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Protest attack on Lesvos

Our volunteer, Rosie Haliwell, at Lesvos reports

On Sunday the 22nd of April a peaceful demonstration of around 200, mainly Afghan, refugees, which had maintained a calm and united presence in Sappho Square since the previous Tuesday, was subjected to an unprovoked, brutal and racist attack.

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Emira’s story

Emira is a resident of Nea Kavala Refugee camp. She has been living here for nearly one year. It has been close to two years since she made the journey across the waters from Turkey to Greece with her four young sons, Mohammed, Hamed, Hassan and Rhudi.

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