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Lesvos Island faces an overwhelming influx of individuals in desperate need, resulting in resource shortages, deteriorating living conditions, delays in asylum processing, and a strained workforce. The international community must unite to address this crisis and provide support to those in dire need.

Collaboration between researchers and NGOs organizing empowerment activities for people during flight, can provide a more holistic understanding of the mental health needs and experiences of those people; identify effective strategies for promoting mental health and well-being among migrants and reduce stigma around mental health problems. By bridging the gap between research and practical experience, these synergies can lead to more effective and sustainable programs that address the unique needs and challenges faced by people on the move

mennesker i klesbutikk

There is a time for everything. Now is the time for us at A Drop in the Ocean to hand over the work we have been doing in Poland for over a year to our wonderful, local partner, Internationaler Bund Polska.

et tegnet tre med pålimte blader

Our volunteers’ participation contributes as an essential “Drop of solidarity” and increased understanding and action towards support for people forced to flee.

utsikt over teltleir med hav i bakgrunnen

Over the past two months, the influxes in Lesvos Island have risen significantly compared to previous months’ numbers. Together with the inflows, the concerns of the field workers have also been increased since the current shelter provision reached capacity.

Over the past months, our teams working in Northern Greece have witnessed fluctuations in the refugee population in the broader area, including new arrivals and movements to camps organized by the Ministry.

frivillig med ungdommer som får undervisning i bakgrunnen

Bosnia and Herzegovina was heavily affected by the collapse of Yugoslavia, experiencing the 1992-1995 conflict which led to great loss of life and restructuring of the country. Today the return of a number of those who had fled at the time and the increase in immigration of people from the Middle East and African Region, make immigration one of the challenges the country has to face along with systemic, economic and political issues.