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The decision of passing over our humanitarian aid programs on Samos to other organisations was made towards the end of last year. Such decisions are never easy, but one that we were obliged to take after accurate assessment and reflection.

Viser klær som henger på klesstativ i et butikklokale

On day 12 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UN estimates that more than two million people have fled Ukraine. Of these, more than one million people have crossed the border from Ukraine into Poland. Many travel to the city of Krakow which is located approx. 250 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Without public funding opportunities, the work A Drop in the Ocean does in the refugee camps in Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina is supported mainly by contributions from private sector, individuals and companies. The needs are huge and it is important to always think of new solutions for funding. An associate of ours, experienced with the concept “challenges” in the UK, suggested for us to try this in Norway as well.

Another year has passed, and it’s time for reflections of the years we are leaving behind.
It is strange to think back to how we thought the flow of refugees fleeing to Europe through the Greek islands back in 2015, would last for a short period, until European politicians would find safe passage for survivors of war and torture. The overwhelming solidarity and desire to help was a source of optimism and faith in a warmer and more inclusive Europe.

As you walk through the gates, you prepare yourself to be hit by a wave of sadness. You watch your more senior and seasoned team mates closely, observing their every reaction to this new and unfamiliar environment. As you enter further into the belly of the camp, you start noticing things you consider inhumane, unsafe, unfair, and unjust.

Hannes, an international volunteer field worker with A Drop in the Ocean, arrived in Nea Kavala just as the refugee camp was moved to a new site. In this blog post, he shares his thoughts and experiences of volunteering in Northern Greece.

Luca is a volunteer field worker with A Drop in the Ocean on Lesvos. In this blog post, he writes about what it is like to work in the Kara Tepe temporary refugee camp.

Nea Kavala flyktningleir refugee camp

Rahman is a community volunteer with A Drop in the Ocean in Nea Kavala refugee camp. Prior to his arrival in Northern Greece, he stayed in Moria refugee camp on Lesvos. In this blog post, he shares his personal story.

In the spring of 2021, master’s student in political science Ida Marlene Henriksen (25) interned with A Drop it the Ocean. In this blog post, she shares her internship experience in the department of communications and fundraising.