Fieldwork as Practical Training for the Nursing Programme

It is not easy to set aside time during your studies or work to travel as a fieldworker. Anne Stray Hamre and Celine Thomas Nicolaisen found a solution to this problem, by getting their fieldwork in Lesvos approved as part of the practical training as part of a module in their nursing programme. Excellent planning and approval from their place of study, they travelled to Lesvov in the autumn of 2018. Their stay resulted in a paper, which they called “How to create moments of normality for children in a refugee camp?”. Simultaneously, the students were given valuable and informative experiences, which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Read more about their experiences and how they combined their fieldwork with their studies, down below.

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With A Desire to Follow the Pathway of the Refugees

– A Solidarity March from Norway to Moria (Greece)

On 12 August 2019, during «Arendalsuka», Arne Martin will commence his solidarity march through Europe, all the way to Lesvos (Moria). The aim of the march is to highlight the situation of refugees, who are still met by closed borders and inhumane living conditions along the outskirts of Europe. Below, Arne Martin states how he came up with the idea, shares some experiences from when he volunteered in the field, and gives some reflections regarding the current state of the refugee crisis.

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Internship Programme

A Drop in the Ocean are pleased to announce our 2019 internship programme, with a variety of roles across all of our sites, available for people who are currently completing or have recently completed a relevant academic qualification. We are creating a platform for someone looking to develop their current skills or to begin a humanitarian career, providing broad foundational knowledge and practical experience in an international NGO environment.
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A life changing experience – Interview with Arlette, a volunteer fieldworker

In 2018 Arlette Augustin worked as a volunteer fieldworker in Nea Kavala in Northern-Greece. Read more about what made her sign up and her experience from volunteering in Nea Kavala Refugee Camp here.

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A rewarding experience that lasts a lifetime 

Since 2015, 6000 volunteers from 60 different countries have travelled from their own countries to work with A Drop in the Ocean in Greece. These volunteers are the backbone of our operations, and without them in the field the work of A Drop in the Ocean would not be possible. While most volunteers travel alone, Lars Bremnes chose to take his whole family, and in autumn 2018 he and his wife Mari and their two children made the journey to Greece – Lars as Volunteer Coordinator and Mari as a volunteer field worker. They worked for A Drop in the Ocean while also being full-time parents and acting as teachers for their children. They were there for two and a half months, but it was an experience that will continue to make its mark on the whole family for much longer than that. This article also appears in the Annual Report 2018. Read the entire report here.

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