First Drop Academy held on Lesvos

Birgit Hjelmtvedt surrounded by participants at the Drop Acedemy. From the left: Carlos Moreno, Kinga Garrido, Signe Korntved, Andreia Cardoso, Jessica Timmins, Bjørnar Larsen, Swapnil Mindhe, Jeppe Robert Lautsten, Joanna Rich, Nanna Falk. Photo: Knut Bry, Tinagent. 

The second week of September, A Drop in the Ocean held its first Drop Academy in a peaceful environment on the island of Lesvos. The Academy, a leadership training developed by HR- and Emergency Manager Birgit Hjelmtvedt, aims to maintain and strengthen a common understanding of our mission, values, ethics, objectives, tools and guidelines.

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On Becoming a Little Drop in the Ocean

Written by Bjørn Gunnar Saltnes

Bjørn Gunnar, Cand.Paed (M.Ed), has worked in Scandinavian University Press and Aschehoug. After retirement, he volunteered as human rights observer and ecumenical accompanier in Palestine. He volunteered with a A Drop in the Ocean in Nea Kavala for three weeks.

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Ingrid volunteered with A Drop in the Ocean

In February and March, Ingrid Jooren volunteered in the Nea Kavala refugee camp in Northern Greece. On a daily basis, Ingrid works as an administrative coordinator at Young Lives, an international study of childhood poverty at the University of Oxford. When she volunteered, Greece experienced its coldest winter in 40 years, with temperatures reaching -20 degrees Celcius. In a blog post, she describes the difficult situation that the refugees in Nea Kavala live under, and also reflects on her time as a volunteer.

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Photo Contest

A Drop in the Ocean want to collect great photographs that are depicting life as a volunteer for the organisation. We are therefore launching a photo contest where the winners will get a small gift from our Dropshop. The best pictures will be featured on our website and in social media.

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We need volunteers

A Drop in the Ocean need volunteers who can travel to Greece in April. We need volunteers from 8th of May in Athens and we need volunteers in Nea Kavala in Northern Greece from 16th of April.

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