Can Social Media, creative minds and good cooperation networks save lives?

Adam Rosser, an American Lawyer who voluteerd with A Drop in the Ocean on the Greek island Lesvos last autumn, posted the following on his Facebook wall early this morning:

“I didn’t expect to play any role whatsoever in a rescue last night. But thanks to the incredible reach of social media, despite being more than 8,000 km away, I did.

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UNHCR Volunteer Award to A Drop in the Ocean, Chios

In conjunction with the International Volunteer Day, A drop in the ocean, Chios was today recognized with an award for their work with refugees who come to the island. It was the locals who had nominated us and the price was therefore extra special. I’ve said it before but I want to say it again: I am so proud to represent all the Drops that contribute to the work that is done!!

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Steinar Koffeld volunteering on Lesvos

Steinar Koffeld is one of approximately 300 volunteers who have travelled to the Greek islands Lesvos and Chios for A Drop in the Ocean during the autumn. Steinar has shared many good pictures with us. After he came back from his stay in Lesvos, he wrote:

“Over a week ago I came home from Lesvos and I am starting slowly to land. It has taken a few days, and has been special days in itself, but now I’m starting to get a little perspective. Some of us who have been down there had debriefing with A Drop in the Ocean in the evening, which was very good.

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Photo Contest – A Drop in The Ocean

Dear Drops!

Throughout the course of the fall, A Drop in The Ocean has sent around 300 volunteers overseas. Very many of these volunteers have written updates and posted pictures in social media: They share their experiences and impressions, and of course, we are fortunate to see very many beautiful pictures! We would like to gather all the great photos and make a calendar for 2016. We hope that 2016 will be a much better year for all those who flee from war.
That is why we are holding this photo contest! The winners will have their pictures used in the calendar. We wish to see all kinds of pictures; they may be images of joy in helping others and hope for a better future, or fear and hopelessness.

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First Board Meeting – and New Bank Account

October 26, 2015 was a milestone in A Drop in The Ocean’s history. We held our very first board meeting.

The board members are Thomas Brager Carlsen, Olaf Thommessen, Kaja Espenes and Trude Jacobsen (chairman).

We have a new bank account: 1503 675 4327. All deposits to the old account will be transferred to this new one.

From the left: Trude Jacobsen, Thomas Brager Carlsen and Olaf Thommessen. Photo: Kaja Espenes


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