“Drops” on Chios in October

Chios is the second island to receive the most refugees, with Lesvos on top of the list. Many Norwegian tourists took part and contributed in helping the refugees on Chios during the summer. They have helped with receiving them on the beaches and in the transit camp in the city park; they have also given a helping hand sorting clothes, serving and handing out food and other donations.

We now have small group of volunteers from A Drop in The Ocean on Chios, and they are participating and helping out alongside a local organization named “Lathra”.

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Childbirth on the shores of Lesvos

Born in Europe!

With A Drop in The Ocean’s volunteers as assistants, a little baby boy was born on the shores of Lesvos today on October 13, 2015.

Kaja Kristine Espenes, who is on her second trip for A Drop in The Ocean reports:

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Meanwhile, in Norway…

While Trude was busy handing out hugs and care, food and water , shoes and dry clothes to refugees she accepted on the beach in Lesvos , increased the group’s membership figures from a few hundred to many thousands . The drop in the ocean was in the national media several times , it was created local subsets of drop in the ocean in the country, and large and small -raising campaigns were initiated in the country.

Back home in Norway on September 2 , Trude writes :

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Trude’s aid journey August 8 – September 2, 2015

Trude arrived on Lesvos late night 29th August, and left for home in the evening of 2nd September. Those were som very intense days, filled with strong impressions. We are certain that many of the refugees that landed during those days will remember the reception and welcome they received with joy and gratefulness. The pictures and stories Trude sent home shows that the help was both needed and welcomed.

Here are some of the updates Trude sent home while on Lesvos:

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How “A Drop in the Ocean” was born

On the 21st of August 2015, Trude Jacobsen – a mother of five in Bærum, Norway, started the FB group called “Dråpen i Havet” – “A Drop in the Ocean”. She invited some friends into the group and told them that she had decided to travel to Lesvos in order to help some of the refugees landing there after their perilous journey from Turkey.

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