International Women’s Day

I think the International Women’s Day is still really, really important. Women’s rights are, even in 2018, violated on a wide scale, for millions of women worldwide. It is often argued in Western countries that gender equality has become a fact – which I also think is an exaggeration, but solidarity with women in other parts of the world is crucial in my opinion. And as the Me Too campaign has proven, women’s rights are still being violated also in Western countries. – Abeer Yaseen

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A life on the run

Abbas story


The only thing Abbas can see is the black ocean and the night sky all around him. He is on a raft in the middle of the ocean between Turkey and Greece. The raft is originally intended to carry 20 people, but is now overfilled and carrying almost 70 souls. The raft is taking in water and the only thing Abbas can see is the light from the moon. He feels the moon is his final hope. He prays that the moon will keep them all safe.

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We are all equal 


When I grew up in the 90’s, my mother taught me that nobody is better than me and that I’m not better than anyone else. We are all alike. As citizens of the globe, we all have the same right to the basic things in this life. It is rooted in agreements, conventions and laws. She also taught me that as an individual born into a privileged society, it is my duty to speak against injustice. Support those who fell unsafe and speak their own case on behalf of those who do not have a voice of their own.  

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Another successful DROP Academy in Athens


We have just completed the second successful leadership training course with our coordinators. Eight coordinators from all our three locations have had two intense days at The Cube in Athens. It is wonderful seeing how involved and dedicated our coordinators are. They are from different nationalities, both sexes, various age groups and backgrounds, but with something in common; they are dedicated to A Drop In The Ocean’s work in Greece, they are all ‘travellers’ and they all possess the important skill of listening.

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We are celebrating love and friendship


Today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day and we want to use the opportunity to highlight the unique friendship, love and caring between volunteers, refugees and people in the camps.

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