Teaching across borders


“Being a teacher in the camp is at times both challenging and exhausting, but most of all it’s rewarding. It’s a pleasure to see how proud they are when they finally nailed all the days of the week, or when they got a full score on their last test. The students are very committed to reach their goal; mastering the language. They will often come by and tell you about their latest achievements, even when it’s not in class! You might just have happened to pass by their caravan or they see you around camp.”


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From China to Greece on a bicycle


My motivation was to understand more of the people living in the countries I visited. During the first months crossing China I had the chance to meet numerous people from Tibetan minorities and also Uyghur’s people in East Turkestan. Besides experiencing with them incredible hospitality and warmth greeting, I could record their constant oppressions in their own lands by political programs forcing them most of the time to flee in foreign countries. This matter has been continuing in the following month in other countries with other issues and people. But it was in Iran by making new friends with Afghan refugees and also Iranian citizens trying to reach Europe for life and death threats that I considered to try help somehow. 

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International Women’s Day

I think the International Women’s Day is still really, really important. Women’s rights are, even in 2018, violated on a wide scale, for millions of women worldwide. It is often argued in Western countries that gender equality has become a fact – which I also think is an exaggeration, but solidarity with women in other parts of the world is crucial in my opinion. And as the Me Too campaign has proven, women’s rights are still being violated also in Western countries. – Abeer Yaseen

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A life on the run

Abbas story


The only thing Abbas can see is the black ocean and the night sky all around him. He is on a raft in the middle of the ocean between Turkey and Greece. The raft is originally intended to carry 20 people, but is now overfilled and carrying almost 70 souls. The raft is taking in water and the only thing Abbas can see is the light from the moon. He feels the moon is his final hope. He prays that the moon will keep them all safe.

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We are all equal 


When I grew up in the 90’s, my mother taught me that nobody is better than me and that I’m not better than anyone else. We are all alike. As citizens of the globe, we all have the same right to the basic things in this life. It is rooted in agreements, conventions and laws. She also taught me that as an individual born into a privileged society, it is my duty to speak against injustice. Support those who fell unsafe and speak their own case on behalf of those who do not have a voice of their own.  

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