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Last week we were informed that due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Greece, the Greek government decided to limit the entrance in Moria refugee camp to essential NGOs. Unfortunately, we are not among those. This means that we had to immediately stop all our activities and projects with the un-accompanied minors in Moria.


Many musicians have been moved by the difficult situation for children stuck in refugee camps in Greece. Now they want to support the cause by playing music for free, while supporting the non-profit organisation A Drop in the Ocean and their work to help refugees in Greece.

Hundreds of thousands of people fled on foot from Greece to other European countries in 2015. Now, 4 years later, Arne Martin Thingnes are going to use the beginning of his retirement to shed light on the entrenched situation for refugees.   «Go for it» is a solidarity march through Europe, where Arne Martin will

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Press releases

During the last one and a half years A Drop in the Ocean has sent approximately 3,000 volunteers from 35 countries to Greece to aid refugees. In this sea of volunteers we have an inexhaustible source of experiences and skills that daily improves our organization and how we work. Recently, two volunteers created The Drop App,