Childbirth on the shores of Lesvos

Born in Europe! With A Drop in The Ocean’s volunteers as assistants, a little baby boy was born on the shores of Lesvos today on October 13, 2015.

frivillige på en strand rundt en kvinne som føder

Kaja Kristine Espenes, who is on her second trip for A Drop in The Ocean reports:

Believe it or not, we assisted delivering a baby today. On the beach! Our Icelandic colleague, Diana Karlsdottir, delivered the baby single-handedly. Everything happened so quickly and we eventually received help from a doctor and from fellow DiH (Dråpen I Havet) volunteer Mona Martinsen. She cut the umbilical cord with a scalpel.

I rummaged for the smallest diapers and clothes I could find. They were probably still too big for the baby. A beautiful little baby boy was born, and Trude might have liked to call him Poseidon, the god of the sea. They were driven to hospital in an ambulance, and everything is well with mom and her newborn.

A Drop in The Ocean wishes «the little lucky one», his mother and the rest of his family a safe and fortunate journey!