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Children helping children!

In December we have seen a lot of people who want to contribute to the ones who have left everything behind. Nothing is more touching than seeing children who want to do something helping others. 

One of the contributions came from the 6th graders at Steinerskolen i Vestfold. Their December task was to work and earn money for our organization. They have been cleaning houses, looking after younger siblings, walking dogs, making dinners, and even giving from their own savings. The class even made cards which they sold for a minimum price of 20 kroner.

During this work period they also spent a lot of time learning about the work Dråpen i Havet does. They learnt about the refugees situation and why it is important to contribute. The result of this project is a truly engaged class where the children have their own refections regarding the importance of helping others. They have learnt that everyone can do something to make the world a better place.

The 6th graders at Steinerskolen in Vestfold collected 2733 kroner, an important contribution to our work in the refugee camps in Greece.

Thank you so much for your great effort!



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