Companies, institutions and foundations

Dråpen i Havet supports people seeking refugee, through activities that in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, uphold their human rights. As a partner, you can help make a difference for displaced people.

Dråpen i Havet is a small and flexible organization working closely with people forced to flee. We ensure that support is provided where it is needed the most. Being small and close to the activities on the ground adds extra value both for us, the people we aim to assist and our partners. There are several ways to collaborate or form partnerships, and we have many ideas about what might suit each business or institution. This could involve pro bono services or financial support. Together, we will find out what works best.

“Epinova wants to take an active social responsibility. One of the reasons we support DiH is that, as a small organization, they achieve a lot where the help is actually needed”

With a high focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we find solutions that generate enthusiasm internally within the company and demonstrate externally that the company is taking responsibility.

Our four program areas contribute to safeguarding the human rights of people forced to flee, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and are particularly linked to the goals: 3. Good health and well-being, 4. Quality education, 10. Reduced inequalities, and 16. Peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Our corporate partnerships are particularly linked to goal 17. Partnership for the Goals. In addition, some of our activities and services are directly linked to Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production, as well as Sustainable Development Goal 5. Gender equality.

Why partner with us?

  • Act responsible! The UN Global Compact is a strategic initiative that encourages all businesses to take responsibility, including within the area of human rights. The initiative promotes activities that contribute to fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a better world. Dråpen i Havet works towards a world where human rights are upheld and valued, so why not join in?

  • Show others that you truly care! We want to showcase our collaboration with positive endorsements on our website and other printed materials as per the request of our partners. No company is too small or too large for us to highlight. Did you know that a responsible and caring employer attracts the best candidates for employment?.

  • Engage your employees! Foster unity in the workplace through involvement in a common cause. You will have access to reports, lectures, newsletters, and other information from Dråpen i Havet. Several committed partners have joined us in the field as volunteer fieldworkers. Dråpen i Havet has had positive experiences in engaging employees in a way that embeds the company’s social responsibility throughout the organization. We are happy to provide suggestions for initiatives so that your company experiences increased engagement and motivation among its employees.

Contact us for cooperation and partnership

Flexibility and adaptation are our strengths, and together we shape our collaboration. It’s important to us that our partners feel ownership of the projects they support and that it contributes to fostering internal engagement. Feel free to contact secretary general, Trude, via email at to arrange a meeting about collaboration!

Some of our previous supporters and partners

    United works



    Gosh Pgp

    Lilleberg Eiendom

    PAF Foundation

    Dag Strand Nielsens stiftelse

    Bergeland Videregående skole

    Ringerike Folkehøyskole

    Choose Love

    University of Pennsylvania

    to unge kvinner som hekler

    “For Habberstad, collaboration with Dråpen i Havet is a significant commitment as part of our focus on taking social responsibility. We are highly impressed by the dedication of all employees and volunteers at Dråpen i Havet, and their crucial work in giving people on the run the opportunity to see hope, develop, and realize their dreams. It has been enriching for everyone at Habberstad to facilitate the right systems, assist as a sparring partner, and make strategic choices so that Dråpen i Havet can focus on its core mission.

    Some ways to support


    Gifts from businesses, institutions, or foundations make a real difference! Please support our work through regular, predictable contributions or earmarked project support. Several companies have supported us through fundraising campaigns or by providing financial support as Christmas gifts for their employees.

    Symbolic gifts

    Your company can support our work for people forced to flee by purchasing symbolic gifts for their employees and contacts, such as introductory gifts or anniversary gifts. In return, you’ll receive a certificate of support in the form of a card that you can give to the gift recipient. Symbolic gifts can be purchased here.

    Pro-bono assistance

    Dråpen i Havet has accomplished a lot thanks to pro bono support from businesses. Help with building websites, search engine optimization, HR support, security analysis, IT support are examples of such assistance. Additionally, at times, we’ve received free office spaces and venues for activities. We are happy to collaborate with more partners in various areas.

    School partnerships

    Many schools organize humanitarian days/weeks and simultaneously raise funds to support various projects. We believe that a humanitarian focus and awareness can be instilled in children of all ages, and we are happy to visit to tell them about the situation for people forced to flee and the work we do. Of course the presentation will be based on the children’s age and level of maturity. We have welcomed school visits to our locations in Greece several times.