You can choose to remain anonymous, but it will be beneficial for the process of handling the complaint if you provide us with your name and contact details.

    I wish to remain anonymousI would like to provide my contact information

    I am a field workerI am a family member of a field workerI am a donor / sponsorI am a collaboratorOther

    If other, please specify:

    Failure to comply with a legal obligation or internal DiH statutes, codes of conduct and guidelinesFinancial malpractice, corruption, fraud or theftCriminal activityBreach of safety rules related to DiH operations affecting Health, Safety and the EnvironmentBullying and harassmentMisuse of powerBreach of confidentialityImproper conduct or unethical behaviourDiscriminationConduct likely to damage DiH reputationAttempts to conceal any of these

    To ensure that the complaints handling mechanism unveils adverse situations, it is important to obtain precise and accurate information. It is desirable to obtain as much factual information as possible, regarding the situation, the people involved, and how you – the whistleblower – are involved in the situation. If you possess documentation, it can be of great help.