While contributing as coordinator, one will have challenging, valuable and different tasks. The main responsibility is to manage and coordinate our activities at the locations where A Drop in the Ocean operates. In addition, one of the most important tasks is organising the contribution from all our present volunteers.

Requirements: to be a coordinator with A Drop in the Ocean you must be above the age of 25, hold a valid international driver’s license and be able to commit for at least 4 months. Site Coordinators must commit for at least 6 months consecutively.

To be considered for the coordinator role, it is advantageous to have a background and experience from humanitarian work, primarily from crisis areas working within refugee camps. Additionally, solid experience from project management and leadership is important, as well as good communication skills. Our coordinators have good health, are service minded, and have good abilities in general computer knowledge. All coordinators must be fluent in English. Knowledge of Greek is advantageous.

We have various coordinator roles, such as:

Project Coordinator:  responsible for operating our projects and activities at the location

Volunteer Coordinator: responsible for volunteer management such as induction, training and follow up on volunteers

Logistics Coordinator: responsible for our “supply chain” including running and maintenance of warehouse and Drop Shop, calls for and reception of donations to the location.

Site Coordinator: responsible for finances and administration at the location as well as being the nearest leader to the other coordinators.

Among the tasks relevant for the coordinators, are planning and administration of volunteers’ efforts in and around the refugee camps, such as coordinating distribution of food and non-food items, warehouse work and logistics, running of activities for children, non-formal language groups, activities for women, computer classes i.e.

The coordinators are official representatives for A Drop in the Ocean at the locations and cooperate with other NGOs, UNHCR, and local authorities.

A coordinator of A Drop in the Ocean is travelling on his/her own responsibility, and must provide the organisation with a criminal record certificate as well as having a valid travel insurance (inclusive of health insurance).


A Drop in the Ocean will cover expenses regarding travel to the location, rental car, and phone. All coordinators live in our apartments at the location. Coordinators may receive coverage of personal expenses the first 5 months of €400. From the 6th month, the amount to cover these expenses is €500.

For applying on general terms, CV and letter of motivation should be sent to Also let us know when you would be available a potential volunteer coordinator assignment.