Digital non-formal education for refugees

Even if we can’t work directly inside the refugee camps at the moment, we still continue to support refugees in many different ways. In Skaramagas, camp residents learn English online.

engelskundervisning på en telefonapp

We previously ran an non-formal education program for adults in Skaramagas. Our determination to continue working with all of our students led to the creation of the “English with Drops” online platform. Students who previously participated in our non-formal learning activities can continue to learn with a teacher at the other end.

Oppgaver digital engelskundervisning
We continue non-formal education through “English with Drops”, an online platform. Photo: A Drop in the Ocean

Through “English with Drops”, our small team of teachers can continue to reach and educate refugees in quarantine in Greece. We release videos twice a week, at three different levels, and are excited by our new initiatives of running live classes, as well as posting words of the day. The project aims to bring together a community of learners, continue to engage students and improve their English whilst crucially showing them that we stand with refugees, now and always.

The program is run by some of our amazing coordinators and volunteer teachers who used to work inside Skaramagas refugee camp. The residents of the camp are extremely grateful – “we are so happy that you are still thinking of us” and every homework post is accompanied with a “thank you so much teacher”