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Every drop counts

It was good for me to find a way to contribute. Even though I would like to contribute more, I feel like I am at least doing something. And that is exactly Trude’s thought, every drop counts. – Margrethe Rose

By: Vibeke Hoem     Translated by: Miranda ørke

Jewelry designer, Margrethe Rose, is one of the heroes without capes in A Drop in the Ocean, and a good example of how we can all contribute in different ways. In 2015 she coincidentally came across A Drop in the Ocean’s Facebook group, and since then she has contributed by making silver pins and earrings for A Drop in the Ocean, which is sold in our online shop (only available for Norwegian customers). All the revenue goes towards helping people who have fled their countries. Read more about how it all started and how the beautiful silver earrings are made.

Margrethe Rose


How did the work on making the drop-earrings start?

Silver earrings

– It all started when I came across the Facebook group Dråpen i Havet. I was stunned by this human being. She who dropped everything to help other people. My first thought was: I want to help too! But how? I had no possibility to travel down and physically help. I made some small donations and collected clothes. Then I thought about this amazing person, Trude, I wanted to show her how much I appreciate what she does. I made her a necklace and sent it to her

– After a while I got a request from Trude, asking if I could make A Drop in the Ocean pins to sell. Finally, I got the opportunity to really contribute. Later, Trude also wanted earrings to sell, so the idea is hers as well. I made prototypes with different sizes and we quickly agreed on how we wanted them to look.


Can you elaborate a bit more on the production itself, what is important for you in doing this work?

– To produce the earrings in an economic and proper way, each drop is carved out with a laser. For me as a craftsman it is important that everything that can be done here in Norway, is done here. The laser carving of the drops is done in Norway. Additionally, all the materials are bought from vendors in Norway. I stamp with 925 silver and my hallmark, Rose. I solder on the pins, and finally grind and polish them. I am embarrassingly precise in the process, so each drop is perfect.

Earrings under production

We are approaching Christmas and thus we are wondering, what gives you the ultimate Christmas spirit?

– The ultimate Christmas spirit, hm…… A lot of things give me Christmas spirit, but the kids mean everything. Doing things together like sitting around the big table and decorating the gingerbread house. Just think how lucky we are! I tell myself that every day.

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