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Every “drop” counts!

A drop in the Ocean depends on support from both private actors and business sponsors to continue relief work in refugee camps in Greece. We are very grateful for all contributions, large and small.


One of our supporters are Go`e Bussa AS, a Norwegian transport company that specialize in providing safe and secure transport for all passengers. They have 25 minibuses that are specially adapted for people with various forms of mobility issues. The buses are specially designed to transport up to 2 wheelchairs, in addition to 9 passengers who can sit in regular seats. Go`e Bussa AS emphasizes service and quality, both for drivers and equipment, and put safety first.


Goe Bussa


They put great demands on their drivers and consider it very important to have employees who are independent and takes pride in doing a good job. Their expert team of drivers has gradually built up a great expertise in working with, and for, people with different backgrounds. Working as a driver in Go`e Bussa AS means so much more than just being a ‘regular’ driver. One should be a skilled professional driver, as well as being a person who can treat people in a timely manner and meet customers with an open mind and respect.


Every day, the driver meets new people with different needs for help, and have to deal with the role as both driver and ”social  worker” at the same time. Not unlike the experience our volunteers meet when the they, for example, distributes food in the refugee camps. It requires good human knowledge.


A Drop in the Ocean thank you for your support and the important work you are doing!



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