From China to Greece on a bicycle

My motivation was to understand more of the people living in the countries I visited. During the first months crossing China I had the chance to meet numerous people from Tibetan minorities and also Uyghur’s people in East Turkestan. Besides experiencing with them incredible hospitality and warmth greeting, I could record their constant oppressions in their own lands by political programs forcing them most of the time to flee in foreign countries. This matter has been continuing in the following month in other countries with other issues and people. But it was in Iran by making new friends with Afghan refugees and also Iranian citizens trying to reach Europe for life and death threats that I considered to try help somehow.

en mann med hatt ved en sykkel med full oppakning

I first heard about A Drop in the Ocean thanks to a good friend I met in Kazakhstan. Olivier BM decided to join the program in Athens since a long time and talked to me about your work on the refugee crisis mainly in Greece. The decision to join the volunteering program took one minute time to turn on my computer and register in your website.

Since 2016 I have worked as an expedition guide in China, mostly organising trips in the regions of Western China. Most part of my duty in this job was scooting remote areas in the country, programming short trips with daily schedules filled with excursions and activities, but also creating relationships between clients and local partner of the regions visited.

I have always been passionate by geography, history and of course travel. Travelling by bicycle around the world is my obsession since 2013 when I took my first trip from New York city/USA to Sao Paulo/Brasil who took me two years. At the end of last year I was already thinking of hitting the road again, following the famous ancient Silk-Road slightly modified from Hong Kong to my hometown in France.

Now I leave Turkey for Greece after one month in this complex country and will take the journey toward Nea Kavala to be insight before the 29th of March. I must admit being honoured and very excited to volunteer and work on A Drop in the Ocean projects next month.