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People fleeing war and persecution leave more than just a home or a country, they leave their entire life. Your contribution can make a real difference for those who have left everything behind. A Drop in the Ocean contributes directly inside and outside refugee camps. This is done through distributions of food, clothes, and necessary items, as well as through facilitating recreational- and learning activities. We work closely with people who need our support to make sure that contributions are distributed where they are most needed.

Why support A Drop in the Ocean? 

The purpose of A Drop in the Ocean is to provide support for displaced persons and inform the public about their situation. We do not receive any public funding and are therefore dependent on private support and donations to help as many people as possible. When supporting A Drop in the Ocean, you can be sure that your contribution will reach the ones who need it the most. Your donation will make the everyday life of those forced to flee, escaping war and persecution, a little bit better. 

A Drop in the Ocean works inside and outside refugee camps by distributing food, clothes, and necessary items. Additionally, we organise various recreational – and learning activities for adults and children. We work closely with the people who need our support, to make sure that we contribute where it is most needed. Your contribution makes a difference! 

How is the money spent? 

Our work is primarily based on volunteer non-paid work, and our donations are mainly spent on immediate and direct support. To support local businesses, we strive to make local purchases and distribute necessary items such as clothes, food, and hygiene items. In several of our locations we have so called Drop Shops for dignified distributions of clothes. We facilitate valuable activities, such as language training and other forms of non-formal education, activities for children, sports, spaces for mothers and babies, and other forms of psychosocial work.  

Since the organisation was founded in 2015, around 8,000 volunteer field workers from 70 countries have contributed. To maintain continuity and effectiveness in our work and ensure training of volunteers, we also cover the cost of a certain number of coordinators on each location. We have a small administrative staff in Oslo and Greece, responsible for HR, preparedness, communication and fundraising, and operational follow-up on co-operation with the Greek government. Of total expenses, around 6 percent is spent on administration. Read more about our work and finances in our annual reports here.  

A Drop in the Ocean is approved by the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising

How you can support our work

Monthly donor 

As a monthly donor you contribute with a fixed amount every month. Our monthly donors give us predictability which is valuable and important to help us plan for long-term and sustainable projects. Become a monthly donor here.

Single donation 

You can support us with a single donation using PayPal or a bank transfer. Make a single donation here.  

Symbolic gifts 

When you buy a symbolic gift in our online store, A Drop in the Ocean will make sure that the value of the gift is used to help displaced persons. The needs in the refugee camps do vary according to the present situation or change of seasons.  If the needs of the gift you purchased are covered, your donation may be used for other purposes. This ensures that your donation is always used when and where it is most needed. 


On Facebook you can make your own fundraising for A Drop in the Ocean, or you can invite your friends to give displaced persons a gift through a birthday fundraising. Fundraising through Facebook is frequently used and a simple way to contribute to our work. It is also a way of spreading information and knowledge about our work and the situation of displaced persons to more people. You start your own fundraiser here.

BECOME A MONTHLY DONOR and help us sustain our work in the long run. Every drop counts.

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