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As a monthly donor you will contribute to the creation of hope, learning, and the development of new skills among displaced people. Your donation will help us distribute hygiene article, create social spaces and arrange meaningful activities in and outside refugee camps. The predictability that monthly donors provide allow us to create long-term, sustainable projects and activities.

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A Drop in the Ocean works with programs, activities, and distributions inside and outside of refugee camps. We uncover humanitarian needs and contribute with sustainable and dignified solutions that improve the everyday life of displaced persons.  

As a monthly donor you will contribute with a set amount every month, supporting learning, development of new activities, social spaces, and meaningful activities in the unpredictable everyday life for people forced to flee. Additionally, you will support purchases and distributions of necessary hygiene items, clothes, and food. Your contribution will be spent where the needs are greatest.  

Together we can make a difference! 

BECOME A MONTHLY DONOR and help us sustain our work in the long run. Every drop counts.

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