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The purpose of A Drop in the Ocean is to provide support for people who are on the run, as well as to spread the word about the current situation for refugees and migrants. Where appropriate, our main focus will be on helping children and their mothers. A Drop in the Ocean was founded in September 2015, and has since then organised more than 5500 volunteers to go to Greece, where the need for help is high.

The Refugee Crisis in Greece Continues

Greece, which used to be a transit country, has now become temporary residence for tens of thousands of refugees. Border controls out of Greece are stricter than ever before. Meanwhile, the influx of refugees by boat from Turkey continues, leading to an increased accumulation of refugees in both official and unofficial camps. They live under miserable and undignified conditions for an uncertain amount of time. There is a great need for aid, and our work in and around the refugee camps has never been more important.

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Latest News

Pictures from Syria

For the past seven years, the media has shown us a Syria where cities and landscapes are ruined. But, there was a Syria before this and this is the country Peter Lukas` pictures show in his exhibition in Larvik. We met with the photographer, Peter Lukas, who left the country the day before the civil war broke out.

Refugees with disability

Today is the United Nations’ International Day for People with Disabilities. To mark this day, A Drop in the Ocean wants to put some focus on refugees with disabilities, a group which is often overlooked and receives little attention.

“Reza’s” dream of a everyday life

Today is the UNs International Children’s Day, and we want to use this day to shift our focus to the children who have been forced to flee their countries. Thousands of children spend large parts of their childhood in refugee camps with their lives in limbo. For most of them, their right to education as determined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child is not being met. They lack safety and security in the camps and have no hopes or guarantees for the future. We met “Reza”*, who is 14 years old and lives in Skaramangas refugee camp. His biggest dream is that his father will get a job and that him and his sisters will get the opportunity to go to school every day, something which is considered a part of everyday life for most people. Read more about his story, life in the camp and his thoughts about the future.

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