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A Drop in the Ocean aims to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees. Our main focus is to help children and their mothers upon their arrival in Europe by coordinating volunteers and by collecting and distributing necessary equipment. A Drop in the Ocean was founded in September 2015 and since then we have coordinated more than 2200 aid workers in Greece, where aid is highly needed.

The Refugee Crisis in Greece Continues.

Greece, which used to be used by refugees to transit further into Europe, has become a temporary residence point for tens of thousands of refugees. Border controls out of Greece are stricter than ever before. Meanwhile, the influx of refugees coming by boat from Turkey continues, leading to an increased accumulation of refugees in both official and unofficial refugee camps. They live under miserable and undignified conditions for an uncertain amount of time. The need for aid is huge. Our work at refugee camps has never been more important.

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If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

– Mother Teresa

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