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The purpose of A Drop in the Ocean is to provide support for people who are on the run, as well as to spread the word about the current situation for refugees and migrants. Where appropriate, our main focus will be on helping children and their mothers. A Drop in the Ocean was founded in September 2015, and has since then organised more than 5500 volunteers to go to Greece, where the need for help is high.

The Refugee Crisis in Greece Continues

Greece, which used to be a transit country, has now become temporary residence for tens of thousands of refugees. Border controls out of Greece are stricter than ever before. Meanwhile, the influx of refugees by boat from Turkey continues, leading to an increased accumulation of refugees in both official and unofficial camps. They live under miserable and undignified conditions for an uncertain amount of time. There is a great need for aid, and our work in and around the refugee camps has never been more important.

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A Sustainable Collaboration

IT-services, social responsibility, and engagement are at the centre of the new collaboration between Habberstad and A Drop in the Ocean.

Asylum seekers are affected by a new decision made by the Ministry for Migration Policy (MoMP)

“…Focus on the empowerment, encouragement and reviewing of languages and skills in order to make people more independent and self-sufficient are more important than ever.” – Sumita Shah & Cicilie Bråten-Lindblad

The International Women’s Day – We highlight the strength and resilience of women on the run

Today is the International Women’s Day. On this day, we typically highlight women’s ongoing struggles for full gender equality and security. We also celebrate strong and courageous women in society, and in our own lives. It is in this spirit that I want to introduce you to two incredible women I have befriended while volunteering for A Drop in the Ocean in Greece. While different backgrounds and trajectories, these women both risked their lives to reach Europe, in search of a better and safer future for themselves and their families. However, arriving after the EU’s infamous deal with Turkey in March 2016, the women got ‘stuck’ in Greece, where they have been forced to live under precarious, insecure and undignified conditions.

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