How “A Drop in the Ocean” was born

On the 21st of August 2015, Trude Jacobsen – a mother of five in Bærum, Norway, started the FB group called “Dråpen i Havet” – “A Drop in the Ocean”. She invited some friends into the group and told them that she had decided to travel to Lesvos in order to help some of the refugees landing there after their perilous journey from Turkey.

en gruppe frivillige i blå t-skjorter foran en bygning

She sorted some used clothes from her own family, drove round to friends and acquaintances to collect more clothes and organised so that she could bring extra baggage on the flight down.

On the 29th of August she travelled alone to Lesvos on a charter flight with 120 kg extra baggage for free, courtesy of the charter operator Lilleput. 

While Trude was busy handing out hugs and care, food and water , shoes and dry clothes to refugees she accepted on the beach in Lesvos , increased the group’s membership figures from a few hundred to many thousands . The drop in the ocean was in the national media several times , it was created local subsets of drop in the ocean in the country, and large and small -raising campaigns were initiated in the country.

Back home in Norway on September 2 , Trude writes :

“When I traveled to Lesvos few days ago there were a few hundred who involved themselves in this group. Now there are over 11,000 It goes without saying that we have not stand a chance to read all the comments and suggestions and their desires to travel down to help .

Many have taken up extra lot and started subgroups and collected very much locally. It’s a little heavy heart I must ask you to hold back and NOT collect more . There is a significant difference when there are 11,000 that collects in relation to a few hundred . We have to get things off in relation to the most urgent needs . Our priority is the carry backpack (to fit kids) collected – not wrap when it’s too complicated to teach on the beach where the refugees is coming in. There it is pretty hectic and it prioritized first . We also prioritize trills that we have received . These will be sent tomorrow or Friday. We do not need more tentative .

There are many who want to travel to Lesvos to help and that is good. Those possibly traveling under the name ” The drop in the ocean ” (dråpen I havet) coordinated by me . Not ring Lilliput and ask for extra luggage space on behalf of ” drop in the ocean ” (dråpen I havet)! Those who want to travel just have to do it, but with us there will be three people this week. Next week we’ll see. You others who travel on their own will get info on where you can book rooms by contacting me . You absolutely need a rental car.

Never thought I ‘d ask you to curb generosity bit, but now we have to get some time to go through what has come by suggestions and comments .

Account number is requested constantly : 1208.19.03636

NO OTHER account number to be used under ” drop in the ocean ” (dråpen I havet) names .

Shortly we will have web and mail addresses you can contact us . Then it becomes more transparent . Thanks for understanding! ”

And on September 3 date Trude :

“ I am devastated and redeeming love !

On Saturday we will send a team with expertise in emergency services , nursing, paramedics , Arabic … it’s totally awesome !

Latest from my foreign friends who do what they can in Molyvos is that the situation is unchanged … ”

Trude is not the one that initiates a process without follow up ! Here is her update from September 4th :

” Hello everyone ! Is busy during the day ! Right now packaged it for dear life here in my living room , harnesses , clothing, shoes and toys. We also have 105 children pushchairs that are packaged in pallets and ready for departure – big thanks to the team at Hotel Folketeateret who helped with the packing of these .

And listen to this ! Tomorrow afternoon it travels a bunch of volunteers from this group down to Lesvos to make an effort ! About 15 people, many with medical expertise . This is absolutely great guys!

I regret that we are unable to comment on all posts and posts that come here . This has become a bit too large to be handled in a group . If you need fast answers from us, it is best to use these email addresses : , ,

Thanks people! You are completely raw on contributions and volunteering ! ”

The facebook group “Dråpen I havet” continued to grow at an enormous speed , and on September 6 writes Trude in an attached post:


More than 22 000 members ! Fantastic!

Today it was sent 105 childrenrollers- thank Folketeateret hotel for packaging of these ! Also thanks to DHL for shipping!

On 9 September the ” drop in the ocean ” take a nice and big warehouse in Lørenskog , and on Friday September 11 we also assume offices at Skøyen .


Those who may travel under the name ” The drop in the ocean ” (dråpen I havet) coordinated by me . Not ring Lilliput and ask for extra luggage space on behalf of ” drop in the ocean “!

Those wishing to travel booking travel and accommodation on their own. We recommend Hotel Molyvos 2 or Bellavista in Efthalou . If you let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the others who will be traveling together. You will also get you good advice along the way . Give us your travel dates on

Never thought I ‘d ask you to curb generosity bit, but now we have to get some time to go through what has come in. As well as get sent what they need. They have NOT capacity to cater for trailer loads or containers from various quarters . Those who take the contrary there are individuals who use their own house and garden for storage.