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How “A Drop in the Ocean” was born

On the 21st of August 2015, Trude Jacobsen – a mother of five in Bærum, Norway, started the FB group called “Dråpen i Havet” – “A Drop in the Ocean”. She invited some friends into the group and told them that she had decided to travel to Lesvos in order to help some of the refugees landing there after their perilous journey from Turkey.

She sorted some used clothes from her own family, drove round to friends and acquaintances to collect more clothes and organised so that she could bring extra baggage on the flight down.

On the 29th of August she travelled alone to Lesvos on a charter flight with 120 kg extra baggage for free, courtesy of the charter operator Lilleput. (Ed.: Audny Hegstad Diamantis)


Hjemme hos Trude

Trude på henterunde i Follo, 26. august

Trude på vei til Hellas 29. augus - innlegg 1, foto 3

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