“Inside every refugee is a human”

Suddenly my country feels like the Titanic tragedy. You find yourself in a dingy with 9 others, well aware the fact that it actually has room for 30 people. But, you refuse to go back, refuse to turn the boat around. Instead you end up sitting in the dingy while you hold your breath.

en gutt med ansiktet i hendene på en strand

War is horrific and pure evil. It takes lives, destroys humans and forces them to flee for their lives. Statistics show that 6 million Syrians have become refugees, both within their own country, and in the rest of the world. 6 million. When reading history books about 6 million people who were killed during the Second World War, we wonder how this could have happened. How was it that the world community did nothing, why were they quiet?

But do not undermine the effect of an audience! War crimes are being committed right now, war is going on right now. It is happening while you drink coffee, talk to a colleague, go to the gym or while you are sitting on the toilet- scrolling on Facebook. It is happening right at this moment, right now!

Let me steal a couple of minutes of your time to show you some pictures from my everyday life as a refugee and share some stories from children I have met the last couple of years while I have been a refugee myself.

Ibrahim and his brother. These guys are of Syrian origin. They were forced to flee their country and have crossed the border of Kurdistan, Iraq. They are currently living in Isoboxes which do not protect them from terrible summer heat, nor the freezing cold winter.

A smile despite of the pain. Hafi is yet to become 6 years old. She escaped from Syria together with her family. They escaped towards Kurdistan, Iraq- hoping to find treatment for her injuries in her face and legs.

We want to learn English! All of the children who arrived at Souda, in Chios, were forced to cross the dangerous Aegean Sea in small rubber boats. Some of them only reached the shores after several attempts, one, two, three or more. War has forced them away from their school benches, their classrooms and country. Yet they have one goal, one purpose in life. First and foremost they are eager to learn languages. Their goal is to be able to help themselves and their families, help them so they can be safe again.

Tired children crying. The screams of the children in Souda are filled with trauma, agony and fear. Children who have fled war, only to be met by an unworthy life in a refugee camp. Why are we not able to give these children a peaceful childho