Interns voices-Alexia

Welcome to “Interns Voices” A Drop in the Ocean Project.
Join us on a special journey where compassion knows no bounds. “Interns’ Voices” by A Drop in the Ocean gives you a glimpse into the experiences of our dedicated interns and the impact of Drops.

Name : Alexia GALLET Age : 24 years old  Nationality : French  

About my internship with A Drop in the Ocean: 

I was lucky enough to be able to do a 5-month internship with this NGO. I spent three months in Bosnia and two months in Greece at Nea Kavala. It was an obvious choice for me to continue in this sector after my Master’s in Action and Cooperation in Humanitarian Aid. And it was a very good decision! 

How did I find out about Drops:

I found out about Drops through a post I made on a Facebook group, and the Field coordinator in Bosnia got back to me straight away! Fast and efficient! 

Why did I choose Drops: 

I also agreed to work with Drops as this NGO works in the refugee camps. I prefer to be directly in the camps to create links, have a place, be recognised, exchange and share. You also get to share a little of the life of these refugees, who even become residents. They identify us; they know who we are and what we do. And what a pleasure it is to be around people every time! 

My Field Experience

I worked in the Drop Club and the multimedia class in Bosnia! I also worked in the Drop Shop distributing clothes and hygiene items. I was also responsible for organising the storage areas!  

In Greece, I worked exclusively in logistics. I was responsible for distributing clothes, shoes and hygiene products and collecting and organising storage spaces. I also participated in food distribution in the Nea Kavala and Alexandria camps. And, of course, I helped with the administrative side of things!  

It was really rewarding to participate in different activities, learn from different people and meet other NGOs. 

Some last thoughts about the volunteering or internship experience with A Drop in the Ocean:

Become a volunteer! it’s the best experience you’ll ever have. You’ll discover yourself personally and professionally and meet some incredible people!