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Dråpen i Havet i Bosnia

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are now around 8,500 displaced persons. The challenges in the Bosnian refugee camps are many and the conditions for those who live there are difficult. In addition, around 3,000 people live outside the official camp, in the forest, in abandoned buildings and other public spaces.

Distribusjon av klær i vår Drop Shop i flyktningleiren Skaramagas

A Drop in the Ocean supports people in Skaramagas Refugee Camp with essential articles such as clothes and hygiene items. Twice a year we arrange for a large distribution reaching every person in the camp. Depending on needs, we also arrange for additional distributions, particularly for new arrivals.

Drop volunteer bringing games for unaccompanied minors in Moria refugee camp

A Drop in the Ocean are now restarting recruitment of volunteer field workers to Lesvos. We will work in the new temporary refugee camp, Kara Tepe, and are currently in the process of implementing new projects there.

Brann i Moria leir

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning on the 9th of September, Moria Refugee Camp on Lesvos burned down. The Greek Government confirms that no deaths are reported, but 13 000 displaced persons are now without a roof over their head and have lost what little they had. Lesvos must be evacuated now!

Lekter for distribusjon til enslige mindreårige i Moria

Due to an increase of Covid-19 cases, Moria Refugee Camp is now under lockdown. A Drop in the Ocean fears for the mental health of the unaccompanied minors. Our team on the ground have, among other things, distributed activity packs to keep the children distracted.

Last week we were informed that due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Greece, the Greek government decided to limit the entrance in Moria refugee camp to essential NGOs. Unfortunately, we are not among those. This means that we had to immediately stop all our activities and projects with the un-accompanied minors in Moria.

Hana Saky in her Café - donating income to A Drop in the Ocean

Hana Saky knows what it means to be a refugee. Today she runs a café in Edinburgh and gives part of her income to A Drop in the Ocean. As she says, without organisations like the Drop she would not have been where she is today.