Let me tell you my story: Ahmed

Introducing the People on the Move Storytelling Project by A Drop in the Ocean! Embark on a journey of resilience and hope as we share the remarkable stories of individuals who have faced the challenges of displacement.
Today, we present you, Ahmed, whose journey reflects the strength found in the face of adversity, inspiring us all.

I was born in Pakistan. Having lost my mother at an early age, I was raised by my father, an officer in airport security forces. My childhood was stable and filled with opportunities. My father’s efforts allowed me and my siblings to attend good schools, ensuring we had access to quality education, clothing, and food.

After I finished school, I moved to England to go to college. Upon completing my studies in accountant finance, I returned to Pakistan and took on a role with an NGO advocating for women’s and children’s rights. Our work aimed to address issues such as forced marriages and child labour. However, our efforts faced significant challenges due to the escalating terrorism in the wider region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

During a fieldwork mission, our team was threatened by a terrorist group opposing our mission. Despite reporting the incident to the police, the situation worsened. A subsequent attack on our team resulted in the tragic loss of two colleagues. Fearing for my safety, my father arranged my departure from the country, as I couldn’t live and work there anymore.

The journey was challenging, taking me through Iran, Turkey, Greece, and finally, Italy, where I sought asylum. After receiving refugee status and due to a job opportunity, I moved to France, where I lived for five years, working and building a new life. I had 2 children and lived a good family life.

Because of some personal matters, I encountered legal challenges, eventually leading to my return to Pakistan, where I stayed for three years. I tried finding work, but it didn’t work out. After time passed, I tried to find a way to get back to Europe to see my children again, so once more, I started my journey to Europe. At the moment, I am in Greece, waiting for my asylum claim to be examined. My mind is constantly on my children and how to be together with them, again.

Looking back on my challenging life, I have dreams of having a stable life, a loving family, and a restaurant that gives free meals to people who need them. My inspiration for these dreams comes from my kids and Imran Khan, a former cricket player and Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister. Imran Khan believes in helping others, and that’s what I want to do with my dreams too.

As I tell my story, I find strength. Even though life has been tough, I keep going, aiming for a better future, a steady life, and a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of people who need help.