Let me tell you my story: Hussein

Introducing the People on the Move Storytelling Project by A Drop in the Ocean! Embark on a journey of resilience and hope as we share the remarkable stories of individuals who have faced the challenges of displacement.
Today, we present you, Hussein

I was born in a province northwest of Afghanistan but I grew up in Kabul, the capital. After graduating high school, I left my country, crossed into Iran, Turkey, and eventually reached Greece. Now, I’m in a camp close to Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, I face problems studying or finding work. I want to go to a country where I will receive an ID, find a job, and continue with my studies.

I want to study international relations, as it’s a field I like. It holds the key to a better future for me and everyone seeking a good life. There are a lot of problems in Afghanistan (my home country); it faces many conflicts. This is why I want to become a politician and work towards resolving these issues.

I want to see Afghanistan as an independent country, free from external interference. In the current situation, with the Taliban’s dictatorship, no one has a good life, and the children have no good future ahead of them. Women especially cannot go to school or work. This is why I want to become a politician, to defend women’s and people’s rights.

Being a refugee has its challenges, but I appreciate the support from European countries. There are discriminations, or finding a job or studying is difficult. I want to help societies and different countries and resolve conflicts between nations and people. I want freedom, a good life for the people and equality between men and women. I want to become a person who will help other people to manage to follow their dreams.

I believe sharing refugee stories can help societies and countries, as people will understand what is happening in our countries and will understand us.