In Athens, we work 5 days a week in Skaramagas refugee camp, a 30-minute drive from the city centre.

About the camp

Skaramagas is the largest refugee camp in mainland Greece; there are currently around 2400 residents in the camp. Skaramagas is a long term accommodation  camp where residents are living while they wait for their asylum application to be processed. The process can take years and residents find themselves stuck in limbo and unable to work as they do not have asylum yet.

Unlike on the island, residents live in iso box containers and have electricity, running water and bathrooms. The majority of the camp population are Syrians (46%) and Afghans (30%), and it is estimated that about 40% are under the age of 18. Despite not being an emergency situation, residents in Skaramagas are facing many challenges that A Drop in the Ocean tries to tackle through psychosocial support activities.

Skaramangas Camp

Skaramagas Refugee Camp

Activities in the camp

A Drop in the Ocean organises a variety of activities for the camp residents. We have established a women space and a community centre with activities such as informal education, a library, sewing room and activities for kids.

Due to the situation of Covid-19, changes to the activities might occur. We always ensure infection prevention by following various infection control measures, in accordance with the guidelines of the Greek authorities.

Women Space

This place is established to give mothers a private and intimate time with their babies, but women without children can also come. Here, they can take care of their children, change diapers, bathe their babies, get support and interact with other mothers, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. No men are allowed inside.

“I like everything here. It is so nice to able to talk to the other women. I also like the volunteers.” – Halz, camp resident in Skaramagas.

Community Centre

A Drop in the Ocean built the Community Centre in 2016, and it has become an active meeting space in the heart of the Skaramangas refugee camp. Our community centre has three rooms available for different activities which are designed to make a positive impact on the residents of the camp. We cooperate closely with the residents to come up with new ideas. At the moment, we offer the following:

Sewing room

In the summer of 2017 we opened a sewing room in Skaramagas Community Centre. We have several sewing machines and equipment for the residents of the camp to sew their own clothes and designs. The sewing room has become an important meeting place for women, and we also use it for different workshops.

Kids activities

A room where kids can play, draw, and do arts and crafts. A play area where kids are allowed just to be kids for a while and get a short break from their daily reality of life in a refugee camp.

Non-formal education: English lessons for adults

There are classes for everyone from beginner up to more complex grammar and conversation classes. We are always looking for long term volunteers to take the position of English teachers; some of our best teachers come to camp with zero teaching experience.

Due to Covid-19, we had to temporarily stop our activities in the classroom, however, we continued the non-formal education with a small team of teachers running the online platform “English with Drops”. We are now in the process of starting up activities in the classroom again.

English lesson in Skaramagas. Photo by: Courtney Crockett og Brandon Boulay

Hope Library

The library, which is the heart of the community centre, contains a growing number of international books and literature for all ages. Residents can read in the library or check them out to take home. The Hope Library is also a social place where residents can relax, socialise or ask for assistance with tasks that require computers or printers.

Hope Library. Photo by: Courtney Crockett and Brandon Boulay

Teenage Centre

– a safe space for games, dance and homework

On the first floor of our Drop Shop, we provide a space for youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who live in the camp. It is a bright space filled with natural light, quiet and away from the activities offered to younger children.

This space provides a vulnerable group of teens with a safe environment where we can challenge their creativity, empower them, and help build skills that will be valuable for their future. We offer movies, crafts, dancing, board games, yoga and camera/photography activities. We also have a small library, as well as a quiet area for study and homework. The Centre provides the teens with snacks and tea.

Video from our Teenage Centre:


Distribution and warehouse

The warehouse is located Egaleo, a 20 minute drive from Skaramagas. This is where we store and organise donations before distribution in the camp. We distribute and provide season-appropriate clothing, shoes and other necessities to camp residents four times a year. We use our own virtual currency – ‘Drops’ – that makes it possible for them to shop in the same way as in a normal store. This unique Drop-currency enables the residents to shop for clothes in a meaningful and respectful way. This means that they do not have to wait in line, but are free to move around and choose the clothes that they want. It also guarantees enough clothing for everyone. Read more about The Drop App here. 

Distribution in our Drop Shop. Photo by: Courtney Crockett and Brandon Boulay


Upon request, we distribute clothes in Elefsina refugee camp. The camp is located about 30 km outside Athens and 16 km from Skaramagas refugee camp.


To be able to volunteer with us in Athens (Skaramagas), you must be more than 23 years old, and be able to work for a minimum of four weeks and stay in a quarantine in advance. You must be prepared for demanding conditions and tensions in the camp. Induction and training takes place every week on Thursday. You cannot work in the camp if you have not gone through this induction. Volunteers have Saturdays and Sundays off.