Northern Greece

About Nea Kavala Refugee Camp

Nea Kavala refugee camp, is an official camp situated about an hour from Thessaloniki. The camp consists of 756 residents, whereas almost half are Afghans (49 %), 19 % are Syrians and 10% Iraqi. Many have been relocated from the islands and now live in tiny isoboxes or tents unfit for winter. Almost 40 % of the residents are children, 20 % are women, and 40 % men.

Photo by: Kathrin Helen Siurk

Activities in the refugee camp

Drop Centre

Towards the end of December 2019 we opened a Drop Centre in the middle of Nea Kavala camp. Our new Drop Centre used to be a Drop Shop, and the space has been renovated by volunteers and coordinators.

The Drop Centre serves as an educational facility, offering Greek classes, IT, computer and various skills classes, as well as sports such as football, volleyball, fitness- and yoga classes. Additionally, we offer arts and crafts activities. The Drop Centre provides a social arena where one can meet for coffee, tea and a chat. All activities take place Monday through Sunday, with Saturday as a day off.

The intention behind the Drop Centre is to provide residents with a space where they might find a much-needed sense of normality and community. We support residents in creating shared, positive experiences through learning, empowerment and physical activity.

Activities in our Drop Centre:

Accomodation and transport

Our volunteers live in the villages of Polykastro, Axoupoli and Pigi, which are located approx. 10 minutes drive from Nea Kavala. All three villages are a short distance from each other. Most volunteers live in hotels in Polykastro or in apartments through our contacts in the villages. More information about renting a bed or apartment can be obtained by contacting one of our coordinators after your trip has been approved.


 To be able to volunteer with us in Northern Greece you must be able to work for minimum four weeks. Induction and training will take place every week on Mondays and Thursdays. You can not attend the work in camp if you have not gone through this induction. We recommend that you arrive in the area the evening before the induction. In Nea Kavala, volunteers have Saturdays off.

We need minimum two weeks notice from volunteers to Northern Greece, in order to have them registered in camp before their arrival.