We are currently recruiting field workers to Samos.

Vathí Refugee Camp

With currently around 4.300 people living in a camp that was originally designed for only 648, the Vathí hotspot on Samos is among the most overcrowded camps in Greece.

Living in dire conditions, people lack washing facilities, nutritious food, shelter, and health care. Samos’ winters are particularly harsh and rainy and the cold season further deteriorates the situation as a vast majority of people live in camping tents or makeshift huts. Given these inhumane camp conditions and sometimes year-long waits for the processing of people’s asylum application, frustrations and tensions are high.


Vathi Refugee Camp

Activities outside the Refugee Camp


Distribution is our main focus on Samos. Since November 2020, our team on the ground focuses on distributing much needed items such as winter clothes, diapers and other hygiene products, blankets and sleeping bags for people in Vathi Refugee Camp, and in collaboration with other NGOs.

Our Drop Shop

Our Drop Shop is situated a couple of hundred meters from the camp. It currently serves as a warehouse where our team sorts and stores the items needed for distributions happening in and outside of camp. When Covid related restrictions are lifted, the Drop Shop is open and enables displaced persons to find what they need in a dignified manner.



Field Workers

To be able to volunteer with us in Samos you must be able to work for minimum four weeks and stay in a quarantine in advance. You must be more than 23 years old. Introduction and training in the field takes place on Thursdays every week. You cannot volunteer with us before having gone through this training.

We recommend staying in a hotel or an Airbnb n Vathí (also sometimes called the city of Samos). Everything is located within walking distance, so car rental is not necessary.  If you choose to live outside of the city, which can be a cheaper alternative (recommended in July and August, when it is peak season), volunteers have chosen to rent a car or bicycle.